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The University of Gothenburg deeply concerned by President Trumps immigration ban


The University of Gothenburg, main building. Photo: Nina Romanus  The University of Gothenburg is deeply concerned by the Presidential Executive Order recently issued by US President Trump, which imposes a temporary prohibition of entry to the USA for individuals from seven countries whose population is predominantly Muslim and for refugees. The ban poses serious consequences for free mobility, for the fundamental principles of the equal value of all people and will affect the lives of many individuals in far-reaching ways.

The order also significantly impacts international research, the free academy, the mobility of students, teachers and researchers and the international exchange and cooperation that is so vital for higher education and research. The executive order intervenes unjustly in people’s lives and is a direct threat against the global society of knowledge.

The University of Gothenburg strongly opposes this decision and calls for President Trump to withdraw the Executive Order with immediate effect.

Pam Fredman, Vice-chancellor at The University of Gothenburg
Helena Lindholm, Pro Vice-chancellor at The University of Gothenburg