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The restrictions determine how digital the summer and autumn semesters will be


On Thursday, the Vice-chancellor made a new policy decision for the summer and autumn semesters. The decision contains two scenarios. If the restrictions ease, students and staff will gradually return to campus, but if there is a continued high rate on the spread of infection, the summer and autumn semesters will mostly be digital.

During the corona virus pandemic, the University has introduced a number of adaptations so that teaching, research, collaboration and operational support can be carried out in a manner that avoids the spread of infection. Large parts of the activities are therefore conducted digitally and remotely.

Since 22 December 2020, the University has been under tighter restrictions. This means that all teaching and examinations are digital, and work is done remotely from home. Exceptions can only be made if there are special circumstances, or if they are operation-critical tasks that require a physical presence at the workplace.

“Many are longing for a lifting of the restrictions but please bear in mind - stricter restrictions still apply. However, I think it is important to emphasize that when the circumstances allow it, a gradual return to campus-based activities is the University’s ambition,” says Vice-chancellor Eva Wiberg.

Two scenarios in the new policy decision

The restrictions affect how much activity that can take place on campus during the summer and autumn semesters. It is difficult to plan in a situation where no one knows how the spread of infection, immunity and vaccinations will affect the restrictions. This is why the policy decision contains two scenarios.

When the restrictions ease, the University will gradually return to campus-based activities and physical presence in the workplace. However, as long as most of the restrictions remain, the focus for the summer and autumn semester 2021 is that:

  • The University will continue to conduct a large part of its operations digitally and remotely.
  • The University will continue with temporary work from home and continued restrictions on travel.
  • During all activities that take place on the University's premises, staff, students and the public must keep distance and avoid crowding.
  • All gatherings and all activities must be carried out in such a way that the spread of infection is limited.

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Av: Ulrika Lundin