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The establishment of a new legal discipline and a new professor's chair in Marine Governance Law


How our oceans can be managed in a sustainable way, balancing various interests, is the subject of a new legal professor’s chair at the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg.

Marine governance is mainly about planning and decision making, based on the exchange of knowledge between researchers, politicians and administrative authorities to prevent and manage situations between conflicting interests regarding the usages of resources in the oceans and coastal areas. Marine governance is one of the more important tools in a long term and sustainable use of the oceans.

Marine Governance Law is a new discipline that is highly prioritized by both the European Union and Swedish administrative authorities. In Sweden, Marine research with a legal perspective is currently conducted to a very limited extent, meanwhile huge efforts are being made regarding planning and administration of the European Union member countries’ oceans and coastal areas.

The establishment of a new professor’s chair at the Department of Law at the School of Business, Economics and Law is facilitated through donations from The Sten A Olsson Foundation for Research and Culture and Carl Bennet AB, combined with support from the University of Gothenburg.

– We are pleased and proud of the establishment of this new and important research environment. It will become a significant addition to the already strong marine research established within the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology. It also goes hand in hand with the School's commitment to sustainability, says Per Cramér, Dean, School of Business, Economics and Law.

The new professor’s chair includes facilitation for both post doctorate and PhD research in the field of Marine Governance Law. The, to be, recruited professor’s main task will be to establish a strong research environment through, i.a., recruitment of young talented researchers and development of international networks.