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The demolition of the brick buildings has begun


excavator demolishes buildning

A new building will replace the existing brick buildings in the School of Business, Economics and Law's block on Vasagatan 1. The demolition of the brick buildings began yesterday and the new building is planned to be completed in 2024.

With the new building, the School of Business, Economics and Law wants to create a functional, flexible and attractive learning environment at the international forefront, where research and education can be developed to meet the needs of society, and where employees and students feel the desire to be and work. There will be room for expanding research, new pedagogy, and rewarding meetings between different actors. The new building also makes it possible to gather the entire School of Business, Economics and Law at one address.

The new building will have an entrance to the upcoming Station Haga in Västlänken, which makes the School an even clearer part of the city, with improved commuting opportunities for students and employees.

During the construction period until 2024, operations at the School will continue as usual, but it is not possible to build a new house without affecting the ongoing operations at all. The project will inevitably lead to disruptions, such as noise, which the School together with the landlord Akademiska Hus and the contractor strive to minimize. The most disturbing moments will happen during the summer, when there are no lectures.