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Symposium on New Media, Risky Behavior and Children

Special symposium on New Media, Risky Behavior and Children in the journal Public Health Ethics

Karl Persson de Fine Licht and Christian Munthe from the Department of Philosophy, Linguistics and Theory of Science are guest-editors of a special symposium with 11 different contributions of the journal Public health Ethics, published by Oxford University Press. The symposium is about ethics, value and policy issues actualised by health-related risky behaviors as these are in different ways linked to our new landscape of mobile- and internet-based media, such as our use of social media platforms.

The symposium has a special focus on children, young people and their families, and the division of responsibilities between these and the wider society. The content of the symposium is available for free reading and download (so-called open access) for a limited time, and can be accessed here.

An unedited version of the guest editors' introduction, that introduces the symposium topic, is avaliable from here.