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Scholarships to the best master theses at the School of Business, Economics and Law

After two years of intense studies, 166 master's students from the School of Business, Economics and Law were celebrated with a graduation ceremony on 11 June. In connection with this, the best theses from each of the nine programs were awarded with "The Malmsten Award".

The School's two-year master's programmes are taught in English and attract students from all over the world. In the cohort that completed their training in June, there were students from countries such as China, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Holland, Belgium, Germany and France.

Since the School started with the Master's programmes in English in 1997, they have been supported by the Richard C. Malmsten Memorial Foundation, including The Malmsten Award for the best theses in each program. As well as the honor, the authors each received SEK 10 000 in scholarships.

Scholars 2015:
Knowledge-based Entrepreneurship: Karl Antonsson och Linda Vestman;
Innovation activity and stock price effects in the retail industry: A Swedish experience

Finance: Erik Sveder och Edvard Johansson;
Pricing Credit Default Index Swaptions

Economics: Andrea Berggren och Sofia Nyström;
The Effect of Relative Standing on Self-Perceived Health Among Europeans Aged 50 or Older

International Business and Trade: Jasmin Dehghani och Maria Strandberg;
Well said, well done: Language as a source of power in multinational teams

Innovation and Industrial Management: Usman Hamid och Letizia Marcantoni;
The impact of agility on innovation productivity

Logistics and Transport Management: Hong Chen;
Building a Measurement Model for Port-Hinterland Container Transportation Network Resilience

Accounting: Anton Svanå och Carl Jarkvist;
The Value Relevance of Goodwill Impairment and the Impact of Financial Leverage: Evidence from Sweden

Management: Daniel Tyskbo och Evelina Börjesson;
Sorting Talents Out: Talent Identification and Its Consequences

Marketing and Consumption: Anna Sellén Runefjell:
Eco-Tourists and the Learning-Scape: Consumers´ Experience at an Eco-Lodge in Australia

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