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Professor Ove Sernhede celebrated for his contribution


A group of Swedish and international researchers have written a book to honour their colleague and friend Ove Sernhede, professor of child and youth studies at the Department of Education, Communication and Learning. According to the authors, Sernhede has served as an intellectual source of inspiration to youth and cultural researchers for over 30 years.

Sernhede’s department colleagues Johan Söderman och Thomas Johansson edited the book, which is titled Låt alla stenar rulla [let all stones roll].

‘The book is a way to celebrate Ove Sernhede and his contributions. It reflects his multidisciplinary work in that it is written by Swedish and international researchers from a wide range of fields,’ says Söderman.
Låt alla stenar rulla is structured according to the different areas in which Sernhede has been active: music, culture and learning processes; segregation and learning processes; and school and learning processes.

Education and culture

The book was handed to Sernhede at a ceremony held 7 December. At the event, Söderman and others underscored that education and culture cannot be separated.

‘It is at least as important that a researcher writes other things than just academic texts for his own academic career. Ove Sernhede is a true educator of the masses. He makes a difference,’ says Söderman.