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Prize for the best master theses


After two demanding years at the School of Business, Economics and Law, 287 students received their diploma at a formal ceremony in the Gothenburg Concert Hall on June 14th. During the ceremony, the best theses of the nine programs were also rewarded with The Malmsten Award.

The School's master's program is taught in English and attracts students from all over the world. Among the students that graduated yesterday were people from Germany, USA, China, Iran, Greece, Italy, Great Britain and Iceland. Ever since the start of the Master’s programs in 1997, they have been supported by the Richard C. Malmsten Memorial Foundation, among other things through "The Malmsten Award for Best Thesis", which is awarded the best thesis in each program. The students behind the papers receive the honor and a scholarship of SEK 10,000 each.

Malmsten Award winners 2017 (program, name, thesis title):
Knowledge-based Entrepreneurship
Eike Lars Bausback
“Entrepreneurial Implications for a Scientist in a research-beasd Young Venture Moving Towards Serial Production – A Case Study”

Joel Johansson and Tor Fardell
“Venture Capital and the Hazard of Exit: The Role of Corporate Funds”

Hendrik Jahns
“Price Dispersion and the Value of Information in Online Retail Markets”

International Business and Trade
Emelie Karlsson and Sofia Rundcrantz
“'Surfing on the wave of digitalisation' - Digital technology facilitating a SME's internationalisation process in the fashion industry - A single case study of Trendy AB”

Innovation and Industrial Management
Anna Nyberg and Malin Åberg
“Crowdfunding Social Entrepreneurship: The Influential Factors in Crowdfunding Success for Social Entrepreneurs”

Logistics and Transport Management
Jacqueline Karlsson and Helena Melin
“Quantifying the Impact of Potential Brexit Scenarios - Utilising a Double-Logarithmic Gravity Equation”

Robert Filipsson and Naeem Tahir
“Interorganizational management in the service sector - A case study of how freight organizations manage interorganizational relationships”

Stina Svanå and Jessica Rosengren
“Like it or not – the recruitment practices of today”

Marketing and Consumption
Francesco Miretti
““Ain´t No Mountain High Enough”. How a consumption community of climbers contributes to the development of a new market “

Tha Malmsten Award winners 2017
Award winners 2017