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Photo: Natalie Greppi

Plan for gradual return to campus is finalized


Vice-chancellor Eva Wiberg has decided on a shared plan for a gradual return to campus. Provided that the government's opening plan still stands, the ambition is for the university to be predominately campus-based again by October 2021 at the latest.

On 27 May, the government presented a five-step plan for adapting and phasing out the Swedish pandemic restrictions. At the same time, it was announced that the advice on distance learning for adult education would end on 1 June. This was the start of intensified work by university management in which implementing procedures will gradually facilitate the opening up of the University of Gothenburg.

After consultation with the deans and student representatives, the Vice-chancellor has now decided on a university-wide plan for an adapted and gradual return to campus-based activities.

At the same time, it is important to remember that the pandemic is not over. The return plan will only be implemented if it is compatible with the government's opening plan, which is based on the extent of the transmission of infection, the extent of the pressure on healthcare and the level of vaccination coverage.

Maximum number at gatherings during the summer

From the end of the spring term on 6 June until the start of the autumn term, only the maximum number specified for participants for general gatherings will be allowed to gather at the university.

This means that 50 people can currently participate in an indoor meeting if they are assigned a seat, otherwise eight people are allowed. If the government's opening plan holds, the number of people who can gather indoors with a designated seat will increase to 300 on 1 July, without a seat then a threshold of 50 people will apply.

Gradual return during the autumn

From the start of the autumn term, an adapted gradual return will take place, in accordance with the respective department’s circumstances and planning. The ambition is for the University of Gothenburg to have a campus-based activity again by October at the latest.

The autumn return will take place without the restrictions on the maximum number which apply to general gatherings. It is central that it takes place in an orderly manner and with regard to the current restrictions and general advice from the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

Not everyone will be able to come back at the same time, but the goal is to offer some campus-based teaching in all courses during the autumn term.

Avoid overcrowding

Overcrowding is the single largest risk of transmitting covid-19 and should be avoided as long as pandemic restrictions remain.

It is therefore important that all gatherings, both during the summer and the autumn, are conducted in such a way that the transmission of infection can be limited. Participants must be able to maintain a safe distance from each other.

This means, for example, that seats must be at least one meter apart, that participants are able to keep this distance when they move around the premises and that entry and exit must take place without overcrowding.

Home working for employees

On 22 December 2020, the government commissioned the state authorities to take further measures to increase the number of employees working from home. At present, the assignment applies until 15 September.

This means that those who can work from home even when the autumn term begins should do so, but that the number of employees on campus of course will be more when there is more teaching on site.

The Public Health Agency of Sweden has clarified this by saying that, for example, planning, marking of exams, meetings with other staff and similar tasks can still be performed from home even when the advice on distance education for adults is no longer in place.

On-campus examination

With the gradual abolition of pandemic restrictions, a return to ordinary activities in the examinations rooms on Viktoriagatan 30 will be possible from the autumn term 2021. Please read more here: Gradual return to regular operations at exam halls at Viktoriagatan 30 starting autumn 2021

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