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Person-centred care in 20 different languages when GPCC hosted EU-project meeting and training school


Collage of images from COSTCares meeting15-18 October GPCC hosted a project meeting and a training school as a part of the EU-project COSTCares, which is chaired by GPCC Centre Director Inger Ekman. The project was launched in 2015, and brings 28 European countries together in a collaboration with the aim of designing and securing finances for test-beds in five different parts of Europe for person-centred care.

Development of European Test-beds

The aim of the test-bed healthcare systems is to generate data on how future healthcare should be developed to deliver high quality care and at the same time be affordable for individuals and society. Inger Ekman explains that in an earlier project, COSTCARES predecessor We Care, it was agreed that implementation of person-centred care and health promotion was needed to achieve this, together with enquiries into how for example reimbursement systems, technology, incentives may facilitate or impede this process.

- We will soon reach the half-way mark for this project and we have the design of these test beds ready for publishing, but further work remains on what variables should be used for evaluation, Inger Ekman says. Meanwhile we are exploring potential national and European financiers as well as in which countries and areas the first test-beds should be located.

During COSTCares meetings the project members work together in different working groups during two days. A “training school” is held in conjunction with this meeting, where the hosting institution’s expertise is shared with a number of “trainees” during a couple of days. The theme in Gothenburg, was, perhaps not surprisingly, person-centred care and health promotion.

Delegates from many countries working together

A total of around 70 project group members and trainees from 23 different countries took part in the meeting in Gothenburg. Apart from people from various European countries, an affiliated group from Duke University in the USA attended. One of the working groups is working with collating a stakeholder database and a terminology of “person-centred care” in all of the project’s different languages, see images below. The project group has previously met in Greece Slovenia, Belgium and Ireland, and the next meeting is going to be held in Poland in the early spring.

Heather L Rogers from BioCruces Bizkaia Health Research Institute in Spain participated in both the Training School and the project meeting: “The pre-meeting training on person-centered care provided ample opportunity for networking and sharing lessons learned with professionals who have implemented person-centered care in Europe and beyond. Then, during the COST Meeting, we made excellent progress in our working groups to advance goals to study person-centered care in various 'test beds' in different countries. I took away a better understanding of person-centered care core concepts, its benefits, and how we can work to implement this type of care in various settings. On top of it all, those four days of training, meetings, and fikas were filled with meaningful interactions with dedicated professionals. I feel so fortunate to have had the chance to get to know those who attended better. I came home energised to continue working as a team to reach the COST Action goals and motivated to contribute more. I look forward to continued remote work in the weeks and months to come.“

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Word cloud image of terminology for person-centred care in different languages

Image of word list for person-centred care in different languages