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New position: Postdoctoral position in design, craft and society with a focus on migration


The Academy of Design and Crafts (HDK) and School of Global Studies (SGS) are looking for a postdoctoral candidate to conduct research on the relationship between design/craft and migration studies.

With this announcement, HDK and SGS are looking for meeting points between design, craft and migration studies. We are interested in post-doctoral proposals that combine perspectives, methods and forms of dissemination from design/craft and migration studies.

HDK and SGS are in particular interested in research that combines theoretical, empirical and artistic practices and research outcomes that combine article publications and artistic expressions such as artefacts, documentation of interventions, exhibitions and the like. The research is conducted at HDK and SGS as well as within the Centre on Global Migration (CGM).

The postdoctoral position involves 80% research, 15% work at the Centre on Global Migration and 5% teaching. We are looking for someone who wants to take an active part in research at the Centre on Global Migration. You should be interested in developing the multidisciplinary research environment within the Centre on Global Migration and particularly in developing multidisciplinary research between HDK and the School of Global Studies with a focus on design or craft, as well as society and migration. Work at CGM will also have administrative components.

Employment is for a limited period of two years. The application deadline is August 15, 2017.

More information and application.