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New international master's programme: Applied Data Science


People with knowledge of how to process and analyse large amounts of data has become an increasingly sought after category. The new master's programme Applied Data Science aims to provide students with expertise in data analysis and machine learning.

Big Data is taking centre stage in all areas

'Big Data is taking centre stage in all areas – business and industry, public policy, the life sciences, natural sciences, humanities and social sciences', says Graham Kemp, one of the project leaders for the new master's programme Applied Data Science.

Richard Johansson och Graham KempThe two project leaders Richard Johansson and Graham Kemp, discussing the course plans for the new master's programme.

'Being able to handle and analyse massive data sets can offer crucial competitive advantages to companies in all sectors. Thus there's a demand from employers for graduates who can work effectively with Big Data.'

Severe shortage of people with skills in processing and analysing large volumes of data

Target group: students from diverse backgrounds

'We particularly want students from diverse backgrounds who recognise that being able to work with, and learn from, large data sets will be important in whatever area they choose to specialise.'

'Data Science methods are widely applicable and our programme is not just for those with a background in computing or statistics!'

Well prepared for working with Big Data in the future

'We want to prepare students to work with Big Data in their future careers. They will learn about different Data Science methods, their applicability, and advantages and disadvantages of different techniques. They will have the knowledge and skills necessary to respond to the challenges and opportunities that emerge as massive data sets become increasingly available.'