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National Reference Ward for Person-centred Care (NATREF PCC)


Together with collaboration partners from Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Region Västra Götaland, and Industry partners IBM, Astra Zeneca and Doberman, GPCC have received initial funding of 350.000 Euros during 2012-13 from Vinnova, the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems. Vinnova’s assessment of the project ”Person-centred Care” is that it has good chances of resulting in new innovative solutions with great potential of demonstrating how a change to effective high quality health care can be made.

The project, which is called ” National Reference Ward for Person-centred Care (NATREF PCC)” aims to develop the person-centred health care ward of the future, and also be an open and sustainable testbed for new care forms, services and products such as education, e- health and IT solutions. NATREF PCC constitutes a reference point for the health care of the future, both nationally and internationally through identifying, developing and integrating partial solutions for a change in health care.

Vinnova’s project reference number 2012-03996

Project Leader: Axel Wolf
GPCC works continually with stakeholders within industry, official and private care givers, regional and national innovations systems and international development partners to identify sustainable and scaleable means of carrying out evidence based person-centred care in order to improve care processes.
For further information please contact: Axel Wolf,, Telephone: +46317866034, Mobile: +46709355364