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Meet Tina Verolin, GPCCs new Utilisation and Innovation Manager


Meet Tina Verolin, GPCCs new Utilisation and Innovation Manager

Tina VerolinWho are you?
I am 47 years old, married to Olof and mother of Adam and Noah, 13 and 11 years. I like to exercise in my spare time and I love to travel. I have previously lived in Australia and the US.

What is your background?
I have an MSc in molecular biology from the University of Gothenburg as well as a PhD in immunology from 1999. I have also worked at AstraZeneca for a couple of years and been the Chief Operation Officer (COO) of a start-up in biotech. Nowadays I am an Innovation Advisor at the Research and Innovation Office at the University of Gothenburg.

Tell me about your own research experience.
Doctoral studies in vaccine development and chlamydia infections, later drug development in autoimmune diseases.

How did you end up in the role of responsible for utilization and innovation at GPCC? As an Innovation Advisors at the University of Gothenburg, we want to support researchers to reach out with their research and ensure that it benefits the public. We support individual researchers, but we also provide special support for Management Committees and for example Research Centres, like GPCC.

What do you see as important about person-centeredness? In today's society, with its ability to search for information, patients are often very well-informed. To be able to be seen as a person, an individual when you are also a patient, and to participate in shaping your own care experience and for example health plan is an important development. Personalized medicine is often talked about, where treatments / medicines need to be adapted to different individuals as you react differently to different medicines. The same goes for the other aspects of health care, of course, not just medicine. I think the outcome of the care will be much better and you will see more long-term results if the patient, and possibly close relatives, is actively involved.

What do you look forward to working on at GPCC? I look forward to learning more about the interdisciplinary aspect of the Centre, and working in a steering group within a Centre. As an Innovation Advisor, I also hope to be able to help bring new knowledge in the field to the benefit of the public.