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Meet Karin Kjellgren, a researcher within Centre for person centred care (GPCC)


What's it like working as a researcher within the GPCC?

Who are you?
My name is Karin Kjellgren and I am a guest professor at the Institute of Health and Care Sciences at the University of Gothenburg. I am also a professor of nursing at University of Linköping. When I am not working I lik to look at art and beutiful paintings.

What makes you want to become a scientists?
The experience I had when I worked in cardiac care at the beginning of my career. What I experienced and saw in care made me try to work for an improvement.

What is your research?
In communication, self-care and education in various health care fields.
I have mainly researched in the field of heart and blood vessels but also in the field of lifestyle change.

What is the best in your profession?
Getting translate my research into help for patients with hypertension, obesity and the need to lose weight and reduce stress.
The most fun is to meet with students interested in research, and to supervise then with their work and ideas.

What is the big difference with person-centered care?
The care is based on the individual's needs. Many times we take for granted that everyone wants the most advanced medical care available.
I think the patient needs to know the options and consequences of various care options, and accordingly choose their care and treatment.
Patient education is a key to patient's position in the health care system and must be strengthened.