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Mattias von Feilitzen has been awarded the Pedagogical Prize


Mattias von Feilitzen, Department of Applied IT, has been awarded the IT Faculty Pedagogical Prize of 2015.

The motivation for the award:

Mattias von Feilitzen
Mattias von Feilitzen, winner of the IT Faculty Pedagogical Prize.
Photo: Johan Wingborg

"Mattias von Feilitzen has over the last decade developed and driven the Gothenburg Knowledge Lab, whose aim is to support education, research, business development and experimentation in the field of IT and learning. Gothenburg Knowledge Lab has emerged into a key venue for IT and learning, both for the divisions within the department, as for a large number of partners within the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology.

Mattias von Feilitzen has also become a key resource for the development of IT-mediated distance education within the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers. The area is new to the two universities, which means tutoring and supporting the teachers regarding distance education – as well as a high degree of educational innovation when traditional campus courses are transformed into courses given in a distance."

A total of eight nominations for the IT Faculty pedagogical prize were received. A review group consisting of the Heads of Department for undergraduate and PhD education made a proposal, which was submitted to the IT Faculty Dean's Council, and the final proposal reached the IT Faculty Board. In the end the choice fell on Mattias von Feilitzen. Mattias will receive the award during the IT Faculty Spring Ceremony on June 10, 2015.