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Mattias Goksör is the University Board's candidate as Pro-Vice-Chancellor


The University Board decided at its meeting today, April 25, to present only one candidate as new Pro-Vice-Chancellor at the University of Gothenburg, and that is Mattias Goksör, Head of Department at the Department for Physics. He will be presented to the consultative assembly on May 19.

Mattias Goksör

It is a drafting committee, headed by the University Board’s chair Cecilia Schelin Seidegård, that has had the commission to present one or several final candidates for Pro-Vice-Chancellor to the board. Five candidates were discussed at the final round.

– We think that the candidate that the University Board has chosen to present, Mattias Goksör, is the candidate that best complements the University’s next Vice-Chancellor Eva Wiberg, says Cecilia Schelin Seidegård.

The University Board’s decision to present only one candidate to the consultative assembly was not an easy one to make, according to Cecilia Schelin Seidegård, and it was preceded by a thorough analysis of the arguments for and against such a decision.

– The University of Gothenburg have a long academic tradition where collegial influence is highly valued. With that in mind, the drafting committee wanted to present several candidates to the consultative assembly. But we thought it unreasonable because we reached the common notion that one candidate had conclusive advantages compared to the other ones.

Mattias Goksör has a multi-disciplinary education with a doctor’s degree in physics, and a master’s degree in business administration. He has, according to the drafting committee’s motivation, a well-documented experience of research of high quality and has recently applied for promotion to become a professor. He has in his career shown an aptitude for leadership and an ability to make and effect justified decisions, and he has also participated as external expert and sounding board to different boards and boards of directors in organisational changes and reorganisations. Mattias Goksör has been the Head of Department at the Department of Physics since 2012.

The decision on new Pro-Vice-Chancellor is decided by the University Board June 7. Vice-Chancellor and Pro-Vice-Chancellor take office July 1.