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Mahsa Mirtalebi is appointed "Global Swede" at the University


The University of Gothenburg has appointed Mahsa Mirtalebi, student at the international BSc programme in Software Engineering and Management, as the "Global Swede" of 2013.

Mahsa Mirtalebi
Mahsa Mirtalebi is appointed Global Swede at the University of Gothenburg.

This means that Mahsa will go to Stockholm on April 29 to meet the Minister for Trade, Ewa Björling and also Annika Rembe, director-general of the Swedish Institute.

The Global Swede diploma ceremony, which is being organised for the third consecutive year, highlights a number of foreign students who have studied in Sweden and have distinguished themselves in areas closely related to innovation and entrepreneurship.

Ewa Björling, Ministry for Foreign Affairs:

"The foreign students who have chosen Sweden for higher education are of great importance to us. Apart from contributing unique knowledge within the context of education and research, in the longer term they represent an important resource for Sweden in our relations with the rest of the world. Through the diploma ceremony, we encourage the students to take part in the Global Swede network and, in the longer term, act as ambassadors for Sweden as a destination and/or as resources for the Swedish business community directly in the country they choose to work in after completing their studies."

Mahsa Mirtalebi is a very devoted and active student and also a very devoted student ambassador for the education at the IT Faculty. Mahsa is one of the team members in the team DR.MEILI who won the junior version of CaroloCup with their self-driving miniature vehicle earlier this spring.

Global Swede is a joint initiative between the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Swedish Institute.


Text: Catharina Jerkbrant