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Mafalda Samuelsson Gamboa talks about pedagogics related to design

Mafalda Samuelsson Gamboa receives the IT Faculty Pedagogical Prize 2021


Mafalda Samuelsson Gamboa is the receiver of the IT Faculty Pedagogical Prize 2021. Mafalda was nominated by students and colleagues for her innovative ideas when it comes to digital tools in courses given in the master's programme Game Design & Technology at University of Gothenburg and the master's proramme Interaction Design and Technology at Chalmers University of Technology.

Motivation from colleagues and students:

”[…] during the covid-19 pandemic create a design community where students and teachers together explore exciting design challenges. Under normal circumstances our education is characterized by a studio culture, where the students are working with projects and where also the continuous feedback between students and teachers is a central part. […] Within an extremely short period of time Mafalda managed, as many of our teachers, to transform her course in study period 4 to an online course. In Mafalda's case it was the course TIA243 Designing User Experiences, and the support letter from the students shows that Mafalda despite the pandemic manages to create a highly appreciated and innovative design project […]”


The IT Faculty received many nominations for the Pedagogical Prize this year, which resulted in interviews with all the nominees.

The motivation from the jury:

"Mafalda Samuelsson Gamboa showed many innovative ways to create a design community online, based on new didactic online tools and also pedagogical ideas as for example an online community.

Mafalda's pedagogical deed has been focused on the students' well-being and learning in a time of pandemic and is appreciated by both students and colleagues at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering."