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Just published in BMJ: Comment/analysis and blog from GPCC


The British Medical Journal (BMJ) has just published both a comment/analysis as well as a blog authored by amongst others the University of Gothenburg Centre for Person-centred Care - GPCC Centre Director Inger Ekman, as part of their “patient partnership” initiative.

Inger Ekman


The comment/analysis is entitled “Swedish initiative on person centred care” , and presents the GPCC and its’ work with person-centred care in Sweden.

The blog is entitled “Karl Swedberg and Inger Ekman on person centred care in Europe” and presents the GPCC-led EU-initiative We Care, where the EU-consortium in a series of work shops with key European players from health care, academy and industry have created an R&D road map for the future of health care to be discussed at the final Conference .

The basis for GPCCs work is outlined in the centres position paper “Person-centered care — Ready for prime time” .

The BMJs “patient partnership” initiative

In June 2014 The BMJ launched a strategy to promote patient partnership. It took this step because it sees partnering with patients, their families, carers, advocacy groups, and the public as an ethical imperative, which is essential to improving the quality, safety, cost effectiveness, and sustainability of healthcare. Read more here.