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International Science Festival: What are we? Life 3.0

Dorna Behdadi, PhD student in philosophy, will participate in the Inauguration of the International Science Festival in Gothenburg April 17 at 17:30 in Biograf Draken, Järntorget.

It will be an evening about our future with artificial intelligence. How do we ensure that AI research benefits humanity and does not cause disasters? And how will our lives look if we live side by side with artificial intelligence?

Max Tegmark, Professor of Physics at MIT and initiator of the Future of Life Institute introduces the evening with a lecture as a hologram, live from MIT. According to him, we face the biggest change in human history. Will there be a superintelligence and in that case will it serve us people or take over? Even though we have not answered this question today, we know that it is something that must be taken seriously by both the public and the decision makers.

A panel with Jasmine Idun Isdrake (artist, cyborg), Fredrik Heintz (AI researcher, LiU), Dorna Behdadi (PhD student in philosophy, GU) and Rebecka Cedering Ångström (Ericsson Consumer Lab) will discuss how it will look when AI is a part of the future's infrastructure and our everyday life from both technical and philosophical perspectives.

The event is fully booked. You can send an e-mail to and he will then put you on a waiting list.