IMISCOE PhD Summer School, 9-14 June 2019, Istanbul


CGM has won a bid to organize an IMISCOE PhD Summer School together with the Association of Migration Research, GAR, a non-governmental organization based in Istanbul.

The theme of the Summer School is "Studying Integration and Social Cohesion - Theory, Practice, Method and Ethics of Conduct" and it will take place 9-14 June 2019 in Istanbul, Turkey.

Integration and adaptation strateges of refugees

The PhD Summer School Istanbul will focus on topics of labour market integration, adaptation strategies of refugees, local versus national approaches to integration, transnationalism, and refugee integration.

The school will be a platform for the sharing of research, ideas and insights on immigrant integration along with advancing cross-disciplinary dialogue. It will be an opportunity for younger researchers to receive feedback for their research, to learn about the issues that are most pressing for the policy community, and how these needs can inform new initiatives on the field.

Focus on methodological challenges and ethics in the field

The Summer School will include lectures by researchers from both institutions and will mainly focus on theories of integration, methodological challenges, and ethics in the field. There will also be presentations by practitioners, and field visits in Istanbul.

The target group is PhD students engaging with any aspect of the theme of “Integration and Social Cohesion”. The aim is to keep the number of PhD students to maximum 16 students to be able provide one-to-one mentoring sessions on students’ research projects. Each student will be assigned a mentor by the program organizers.

Collaboration with a local Non Governmental Organisation

The Association of Migration Research, GAR, is a non-governmental organization based in Istanbul. GAR aims to encourage and initiate interdisciplinary research on migration, to disseminate knowledge produced in these studies, and to increase awareness about the situation and vulnerabilities of immigrants and refugees on national and international level.

As an autonomous and non-hierarchical platform established by qualified migration scholars, GAR believes that in the current context of Turkey, it is very important to continue to produce, share and exchange knowledge outside the university structures.

Opening up platforms to facilitate exchanges between academic knowledge and its practical applications for the solutions of the real-life problems that migrants are facing is one of the most important objectives of the association.

How to participate

CGM invites interested PhD students to apply for particiaption in the PhD Summer School in Istanbul. The IMISCOE PhD Summer School is free of charge, but selected participants need to pay for their own travel to Istanbul.

Application deadline 15 January 2019. Selected candidates will be notified by the end of February 2019.

Application details and contact

More information can be found in the Call for IMISCOE PhD Summer School 2019, or by contacting Professor Gregg Bucken-Knapp at the University of Gothenburg.