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HDK-Valand shows exam projects online

On June 12 at 13:00, HDK-Valand will launch a digital platform for this year's exam projects. Through the platform, graduate students will have the opportunity to show their work, which is usually done within the framework of the exam exhibitions.

It has been an unusual spring for both students and staff at HDK-Valand. As the restrictions around Covid-19 have become increasingly tangible and pervasive, teaching has moved into digital meeting rooms and the many exam exhibitions that were planned have been canceled.

On June 12, HDK-Valand, at the University of Gothenburg, will launch a digital platform where the graduating students show their exam projects. The platform does not replace the cancelled degree exhibitions or the complicated curatorial work of designing, arranging, formulating and staging different artistic practices in a common space. It is not an exhibition. It is something else; a digital window into the student environments and education as well as an opportunity for the students to provide a common overview of their artistic practices.

Exhibiting, interacting with the public and exploring the exhibition space are important elements of art education. As soon as possible, HDK-Valand will resume the work and the many external collaborations that make it possible. The idea is that this platform will then continue on as a complement to the variety of physical exhibitions.

The digital platform will be launched on June 12 at 13.00: Welcome!