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GPCC position paper is top cited for journal


Inger Ekman holding Diploma for top cited article

Inger Ekman, Centre Director of University of Gothenburg Centre for Person-centred care - GPCC proudly holds the diploma for Top cited article for the European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing 2014, for the article Person-centred care – Ready for prime time.

The article was written as a position paper when the GPCC was being formed in 2010. It was published in 2011. It is available on-line at

- I am indeed proud that our paper, that presented GPCCs fundamental ideas of what person-centred care means, was so highly cited that the European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing increased their impact factor substancially, Inger Ekman commented.

The abstract of the article:

Long-term diseases are today the leading cause of mortality worldwide and are estimated to be the leading cause of disability by 2020. Person-centered care (PCC) has been shown to advance concordance between care provider and patient on treatment plans, improve health outcomes and increase patient satisfaction. Yet, despite these and other documented benefits, there are a variety of significant challenges to putting PCC into clinical practice. Although care providers today broadly acknowledge PCC to be an important part of care, in our experience we must establish routines that initiate, integrate, and safeguard PCC in daily clinical practice to ensure that PCC is systematically and consistently practiced, i.e. not just when we feel we have time for it. In this paper, we propose a few simple routines to facilitate and safeguard the transition to PCC. We believe that if conscientiously and systematically applied, they will help to make PCC the focus and mainstay of care in long-term illness.