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GPCC initiates new European standard for patient participation in person-centred health care

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This coming autumn, in response to an initiative from the Centre for Person-Centred Care at Gothenburg University (GPCC), the Swedish Standards Institute (SIS) is inaugurating a new European standardization secretariat, which will be tasked with developing clear guidelines for patient involvement in person-centred care.

There is considerable demand for the establishment of a joint standard for the quality of healthcare throughout Europe – to determine an agreed approach to the measurement and comparison of patient involvement – with a view to facilitating the effective implementation of person-centred care.

“We are extremely pleased to be leading the process of developing clear guidelines and establishing joint standards for the quality of healthcare throughout Europe, standards which will subsequently be made available for implementation by companies, organizations and public authorities,” says Thomas Idermark, CEO of the Swedish Standards Institute (SIS), in a comment. “This will prove of benefit to service suppliers and European citizens, while also promoting the free movement of personnel and patients within Europe.”

Read the press release from the Swedish Standards Institute (SIS) in full here.