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Funding for capacity buildning project with CGM involvement


We are happy to announce that the Erasmus+ application for the project entitled “Developing Modernized Curricula on Immigrants' and Refugees' Lives” has received funding!

This is a ‘Capacity building in higher education’-project, led by Ben-Gurion University and it involves researchers and teachers from universities in several countries. The School of Global Studies is the cooperating partner at University of Gothenburg. Centre on Global Migration will take part in this project, please contact Isabell Schierenbeck at CGM and School of Global Studies for more information.

Some of the aims of the project are to increase the attention to migrants' lives in the academic training in applied social sciences; to expose staff and students to the life experiences of immigrants and refugees, and to expand creative and community oriented teaching methodologies. The project will also seek to increase knowledge and skills of future service providers to meet the needs of immigrants and refugee clients. It aims to include and empower immigrant and refugee students, while also giving voice to immigrant and refugees communities by involving them in participatory community oriented teaching projects.

For more information about the call and the selected projects, visit the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) at the European Commission.