Extended schedule for the School's new building


Akademiska Hus has announced that the construction schedule for the School of Business, Economics and Law's new building may be extended by up to one year. In such case, the planned move-in will be in the summer of 2025, and not in summer 2024 as previously announced.

The reason for this delay is that the work with the integrated entrance to Västlänken station Haga will be more extensive than the Swedish Transport Administration could have predicted.

The County Administrative Board's environmental judgment from 2018 sets requirements for the Swedish Transport Administration's construction of the Västlänken project. These include how the Swedish Transport Administration may carry out work that impact the groundwater. For the Västlänken sub-stage Haga, the requirements in the environmental judgment to prevent leakage are extra high, which in turn places special demands on the tightness of the work below ground level.

More detailed knowledge

The detailed projecting began a year ago and since then the Swedish Transport Administration has performed several tests in the area. Through various geotechnical investigations, a more detailed picture has been obtained of what the different soil layers look like. The Swedish Transport Administration has modeled groundwater movements in the area to see how they are affected in different scenarios. As a result, the Swedish Transport Administration has gained better knowledge of the solutions required to obtain a tight sheet pile solution.

Groundworks take longer

The analysis shows, among other things, that the work with the sheet pile, which will ensure that the groundwater level is protected, will take longer than the Swedish Transport Administration and the contractor Serneke could have predicted. This means that the ground works that began in the summer of 2020 will take longer than anticipated a year ago. The work is now expected, according to the extended schedule, to last until the spring of 2022. This also means that the move into the School's new building may be postponed for about a year.

Looking at time saving actions

The Swedish Transport Administration and Akademiska Hus are currently looking at the conditions and opportunities for being able to make up for parts of the delay. The analysis of what measures that are possible to implement and what it means for the project's schedule is expected to be completed in early 2021. The costs of the measures to make up for the delay will be borne by the Swedish Transport Administration.

“From the School's perspective, we naturally think that the delay is unfortunate, but we understand that this is a complex process where not all parameters can be predicted. Now we need to make our own analysis on how this will effect our operations. Not least, the work environment for students and staff will be negatively affected for a longer time. Furthermore, this change means that we have to wait another year to be able to move into the new premises, which of course inhibits the development of our operations”, says Per Cramér, Dean of the School of Business, Economics and Law.