Digital and temporary working from home also during spring term


The pandemic will still affect society and hence also the university in 2021. This means that the university will have to adapt and conduct most of its activities digitally and remotely during the spring semester.

Yesterday, Thursday 5 November, the Vice-chancellor made a new directional decision on how the university's activities will be conducted during the spring semester 2021, taking into account the ongoing pandemic. The decision follows the Public Health Agency of Sweden’s general recommendations and also includes a readiness for regional guidelines to be added, as is the case at present.

“The pandemic will last for a long time. All decisions we make, at all levels, must be made with the aim that together we will contribute to reduced spread of infection in society at the same time as maintaining quality in our organization. With this new decision, I want to create a clear basis that allows for a stable organization even under these circumstances”, says Eva Wiberg.

This will be done so that priorities, coordination and responsibility taking should be locally based on the framework that this decision provides, in combination with current general guidelines and recommendations.

“In other words, more like decision-making normally works at the university”, says Eva Wiberg.

Digitally and remotely

As regards to the main features of the decision, there are no major changes for the spring term compared with the autumn term. This means that the university will conduct most of its business digitally and remotely, that employees should continue to work from home to the extent that the manager deems possible and that everyone is restrictive when it comes to travelling.

When employees, students and the general public are on the university's premises, distance must be kept and overcrowding avoided. All gatherings and activities must be carried out in accordance with current general guidelines and recommendations so that the spread of infection can be limited.

Renewed working methods

The pandemic has required adjustments in the form of renewed working methods in teaching, research and operational support, as the university in a very short time has implemented a major transition to distance education and temporary working from home.

“I am very aware that it has been, and will continue to be, challenging. But at the same time, we have had to rethink how we want to relate to an increasingly digital way of working. Together, employees and students have taken great digital steps into the future”, says Eva Wiberg.

A year ago, there were probably few who thought that the university would be as digital as it is in November 2020.

“Thanks to great efforts from employees and students, it has proven possible to do teaching, seminars and meetings via video conferencing, digital learning platforms and chats. Although many of us are longing until we can be more on campus, it is important that we take advantage of the positive effects and experiences when the pandemic is over”.

A new decision will be made in April 2021

The decision which has now been made applies to the spring term and for planning reasons until further notice. A new decision will be taken no later than April regarding the autumn semester 2021.

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By: Ulrika Lundin