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Dick Stenmark is appointed professor of informatics


Dick Stenmark, Dean at the IT Faculty since 2018, is from March 19, 2020 appointed professor of informatics.

Congratulations Dick! How does it feel being a professor?

Dick Stenmark
Dick Stenmark is a newly appointed professor of informatics.
Photo: Johan Wingborg

– Thank you, it feels really good. As an academic, you are constantly striving to develop yourself, your competence and knowledge within your field, and that means that you will from time to time receive various formal confirmations of success. The fact that this is a collegial process, where it is other researchers and professors that have come to the conclusion that you are worthy the appointment, feels like an extra plus.

– But it is also important that society in general understands what it means that someone has become a professor, that it is not due to opinions in general, but it is the result of many years of work and research. Within the academy we must do everything we can to maintain the world's confidence in fact-based and evidence-based knowledge - especially in times of climate crisis and viruses, since it is important that science and research form the basis for the decisions taken by different societal actors.

– We now see how society on many levels is trying to change to a fully digitalized way of working, and that is exactly the type of processes we study in the subject of informatics. That the university then strengthens up with another professor in that subject feels absolutely right. I will try to do what I can to contribute, based on my new position.