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Cultural heritage focal point of new collaboration


Jenny Högström Berntson has been awarded the Verification for Collaboration (VFS) funding from the Grants and Innovation Office (FIK) in order to start a series of talks on heritage issues together with the Museum of World Culture (VKM).

– We want to start a series of talks focusing on current cultural heritage issues. By linking up up-to-date heritage topics and debates with objects in the Museum of World Culture’s collections in Gothenburg, we intend to have both a local and global foundation, says Jenny Högström Berntson, project coordinator for the Centre for Critical Heritage Studies (CCHS).

The aim of the project is to reach out broadly and to different categories of recipients with up-to-date heritage research. The core of the project will be the series of talks that will be held within the framework of VKM's public programs and will be given every other Thursday at the Museum of World Culture. The series will also be made into a new Podcast series in order to be accessible to a wider audience.

The series will be launched in autumn 2019 and some of the themes that will be highlighted is how new DNA technology affects our knowledge of cultural heritage, but also discuss how individuals use DNA tests to find their own personal heritage and what further effects this can have. The series will also touch upon topics such as repatriation, food culture as activism, heritage under threat, how we handle human remains and much more.

– The project will also be a way of working with the University of Gothenburg's “UGOT Challenge initiative's” ambition to address global societal issues. In the long run, it also ties in with the UN's global goals in areas such as health / well-being, education, sustainability, says Jenny Högström Berntson.

The outcome of the project will be evaluated at the beginning of 2020 and the hope is that the series and the cooperation will be able to continue for several years.

If you are interested in participating in the conversation series or if you have a wish for themes to discuss, please contact the project managers Jenny Högström Berntson (CCHS) and Rebecka Bergström Bukovinszky (program coordinator at VKM).
Jenny Högström Berntson:
Rebecka Bergström Bukovinszky:

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About VFS
VFS is a Vinnova program that gives you access to funding and support in order to identify and carry out the first steps towards a collaborative project between academia and external actors.

VFS funding is intended to give you additional resources to explore and frame common questions together with prospective collaboration partners – those you are already familiar with or those who are new to you. Such a collaboration should lead to value for all involved parties, with a long-term plan for continuation beyond the VFS program.

Are you also interested in starting a collaborative project with partners outside the academy? Read more and express your interest here: VFS program GU.