COVID-19: Stricter regulations at GU from 22 December


From 22 December, all teaching and examination will take place digitally, the libraries has adjusted services and work will be performed from home. Exceptions may be made if there are special reasons. The decision is valid until 24 January 2021.

The parts of the text concerning the University Library were updated on Tuesday 19 January following a revised decision from the Vice-Chancellor. Go to the University Library's website for current information about the library's adjusted services:

It was on Friday that the government announced further tightening of the restrictions to stop the spread of infection. Among other things, everyone who is able to work from home must do so and all activities run by the state, which are not absolutely necessary should immediately be closed down until 24 January. Vice-chancellor Eva Wiberg has therefore today decided on stricter applications of the current policy decision.

“Working from home and digital studies have been the main rule at the University of Gothenburg since March, but now the situation is even more serious. Employees must work from home, with the exception of those with business-critical tasks that require a physical presence at the workplace,” says Eva Wiberg.

Furthermore, teaching and examination shall take place digitally if the Head of department does not have special reasons for taking another decision. The university libraries are also affected by the decision. Visit the University Library's web for current information ( The study places at the Wallenberg Conference Center will also be closed.

Stricter application of policy decision

Today's decision is an instruction for stricter application of the policy decision for the latter part of the autumn term (GU 2020/2132) and the spring term (GU 2020/2832). The instructions apply for the period 22 December 2020 to 24 January 2021 and mean that:

  • All teaching and examination must be conducted digitally and remotely. Decisions on exemptions from this for individual teaching elements, compulsory elements or examinations may be granted by the Head of department after consultation with the Dean/ equivalent if there are special reasons.
  • The study places that were previously generally available at the Wallenberg Conference Center will be closed. Students are encouraged to pursue self-study at home. Faculty- and department-specific study places remain in accordance with previously made decisions.
  • Those students who for special reasons need a study and/or examination place on campus and whose needs cannot be met through the faculty- and department-specific places are referred to those responsible for education at their home institution who must try to meet their needs as much as possible. Coordination at faculty level is encouraged.
  • Work must be performed from home unless the tasks are business-critical and require a physical presence at the workplace, or that the immediate supervisor allows work to take place at the workplace for other special reasons.
  • The University Library has adjusted services during the period. The library is primarily open to researchers, teachers and students.

BY: Ulrika Lundin