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Continued international interest for the research stations


This year's call for proposals to the KVA Fund broke the record again. A total of 50 applications were submitted for 2016.

The KVA Fund, which is for internationalization and scientific renewal of the Lovén Centre has for many years been a source of greater use of research stations as well as new collaborations. The call for 2016 is now closed and applications are evaluated by an international panel.

- The interest is high and increasing, says Niklas Andersson who is handling the applications. Moreover, there are more applicants per project this year, which can contribute to an even greater usage of the Lovén Centre than we have had in 2015. The number of applicants in addition to our regular activities really shows how important the research stations are, also for international researchers and students.

Available funds for 2016 is the same as in 2015, about 3 million Swedish crowns. In addition to the scientific evaluation, the technical and administrative staff of the Lovén Centre will review the feasibility of the projects.

The applicants will be notified of the result before the end of the year.