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Congress in nursing education


The Institute of health and care sciences, was honored to participate in the 3rd Asian Congress in the Nursing Education (ACiNE) with the following representatives: Margret Lepp, Kristina Rosengren and Catarina Wallengren. In addition, two students Kärstin Väster och Linda Byberg attended the congress while on their Linnaeus-Palme exchange with the School of Nursing, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia. The congress was very successful with 400 delegates, 165 abstracts and 94 posters from several countries, sharing experiences in optimizing interprofessional education to improve health care quality.

At the congress, Margret Lepp was facilitating a workshop for faculty members on Drama in Education as a Learning and Teaching Strategy. Kristina Rosengren was giving a presentation on Supporting "two-getherness": assumption for nurse managers working in a shared leadership model.

In addition, Margret, Kristina and Catarina acted as moderators and evaluators of oral as well as poster presentations during the congress. Outside the congress, Kristina and Catarina were facilitating a workshop about person centred care for nurses at a hospital.