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Congratulations, Thommy Eriksson, to the IT Faculty Pedagogical Prize 2020!


The recipient of the IT Faculty Pedagogical Prize in 2020 is Thommy Eriksson, Division of Interaction Design, Department of Computer Science and Engineering. Thommy receives the prize for his pedagogical work in the master's programme Game Design & Technology and the course Digital Movie Making, as well as his long-standing work with the transition to digital learning.

Thommy Eriksson
Thommy Eriksson, programme manager for "Game Design and Technology".
Photo: Linnéa Sjögren

Nomination text:

Thommy Eriksson has performed highly appreciated pedagogical work regarding the prolonged development of the pedagogy of the master's programme "Game Design & Technology", a long-lasting development of the course "Digital Movie Making" and has also assisted colleagues and students at the IT Faculty during the introduction of Canvas and similar digital tools. Thommy has been working with pedagogical development at the IT Faculty for a number of years and has supported both students and colleagues in the transition to digital learning.

Foto: Linnéa Sjögren