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Asian perspectives give a head start in business

The Executive MBA Programme at the School of Business, Economics and Law targets practicing managers. One key aspect of the programme, which includes two extended trips to China and India, is to develop a profound understanding of the Asian emerging markets. Sven Göthberg at SKF is one of our participants.

Sven GöthbergAs a Sales Director at SKF Lubrication, Sven has worked and travelled around the world but never grown weary of learning new things. So he jumped at the opportunity to study some of the fastest growing markets at the School of Business, Economics and Law.

"I have been an inquisitive person for as long as I can remember," Sven Göthberg says. "At work, I am a business man and my journeys have always revolved around the actual deals. This was my chance to find out what it would be like to visit a country to bring back new knowledge, and not only an order.", says Sven Göthberg.

A programme with insight
The Executive MBA Programme at the School of Business, Economics and Law consists of four semesters structured in the following themes: From Strategy to Action, Managing Functions, Succeeding in a Globalised World and Renewing Business. Ten-day journeys to India and China are integral parts of the programme.

"I had been to China before," Sven Göthberg says, "but this was a whole new experience. I needed to see, smell and feel with all my senses. We spent time at the School's partner universities, learned about law and marketing from the Chinese point of view, visited businesses and familiarized ourselves with their corporate cultures. If you are planning to do business in China or work there for some period of time, this is an excellent way to get your feet wet. You'll be way ahead of the game."

An opportunity to stand out
Sven Göthberg says that the programme helped him grasp the theory behind business practices and that way obtained a head start. “A lot of what I do come from practical experience," he says.

"I felt that it was important to acquaint myself with theory as well—not only to confirm that I was on the right track, but to keep up with the latest research. Also, interacting with my fellow programme participants has updated me on the mindset within other businesses. All of these are things that I can apply directly to my work at SKF. Thinking outside the box gives you the chance to stand out in comparison to your competitors."

About the programme
The Executive MBA Programme, which is taught entirely in English, targets experienced managers. It is the only programme in Sweden that accredited by the prestigious Association of MBAs (AMBA). The programme design, which allows for part-time studies over the course of 21 months, is particularly suited for busy executives.
This year's programme will start on 1 October, 2015. More information can be found at

This is an article from the School's Magazine 2015