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About respect and AI design - Seminars in English at the Göteborg Book Fair 2018

 Göteborgs universitets monter på bokmässan 2017 Foto: Monica Havström

Five researchers and doctoral students at the Department of Philosophy, Linguistics and Theory of Science will give talks at the international Göteborg Book Fair in September. Welcome to meet Jasmine Elliot, Moa Ekbom, Sylvie Saget, Dorna Behdadi and Richard Endörfer who participate on stage in the university stand.

You also meet publishers, authors, agents, librarians, teachers, journalists, politicians and lovers of books at Göteborg Book Fair 27 September – 30 September. The University of Gothenburg participate with seminars, debates and activities. You can find the University of Gothenburg in stand B07:74.

Following seminars will be given by researchers and doctoral students at the Department of Philosophy, Linguistics and Theory of Science – and three of these will be given in English:

Thursday 27 September

10:00 The ethical role of corporate lawyers and respect for public interest
I will outline initial research considerations reflecting on the ethical role of lawyers and the legal profession in society when advising clients on business transactions with regard to business ethics and potential human rights impacts.

Medverkande: Jasmine Elliot, doktorand i praktisk filosofi/PhD student in Practical Philosophy

Friday 28 September

13:30 Mediebilden av humaniorastudier: genusflummigt träsk eller konservativ högborg?
Humaniora och i synnerhet humaniorastuderande blir ofta måltavla för anklagelser om att vara onyttiga, flummiga eller alltför politiska. 
Här är ett försök att beskriva samt nyansera bilden och samtidigt belysa varför dessa kunskaper är så viktiga idag.

Medverkande: Moa Ekbom, universitetslektor i latin

Saturday 29 September

16:00 Conversational AI and Ethical Design
How do we design technologies to build talking and autonomous robot, virtual human or any kind of object/software involving social interaction? Sylvie Saget will investigate issues to ensure a balanced and successful relationship between interactive systems and humans.

Medverkande: Sylvie Saget, doktorand i datalingvistik / PhD student in Computational Linguistics

17:00 Artificiella moraliska agenter – kan maskiner och program vara ansvariga för sina handlingar?

Allt mer intelligenta och självständiga AI-system och robotar aktualiserar filosofiska frågor. En sådan är huruvida artificiella entiteter kan vara moraliskt ansvariga för sina handlingar.
Medverkande: Dorna Behdadi, doktorand i praktisk filosofi

Sunday 30 September

15:00 Respect and the No Harm Principle: Why collective action problems might demand a lot from us
In some sense, it seems that the respect is the expression of the widely endorsed no-harm principle. However, the principle, and moreover, the attitude of respect seems ill-defined and might extend beyond where we think it applies intuitively. This specifically concerns complex market interactions that affect not only sellers and buyers, but third parties who were not consenting to the transaction and its consequences. Maybe people are doing something morally impermissible if they buy cheap retail clothing items, maybe they do something wrong if they promote the smoke and meat industry – in order to answer these questions, we have to take a closer look at what the no-harm principle entails exactly.

Medverkande: Richard Endörfer, doktorand i praktisk filosofi / PhD student in Practical Philosophy

All talks will take place in University of Gothenburg's stand B07:74.

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