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300 million for research into global societal challenges


University of Gothenburg is planning to invest SEK 300 million in the coming years in interdisciplinary research into global societal challenges.

“The aim is for our researchers to examine the social global challenges facing the world and propose solutions,” says Pam Fredman, vice-chancellor of University of Gothenburg.

This initiative will receive SEK 50 million a year for six years, totalling SEK 300 million. The call for proposals will be broad and is intended to appeal to all researchers at the university. The first stage involves providing planning support for the selected research groups, which will be given time to develop thoughts and ideas that can then be revised, producing concrete and well-thought-out applications during 2015.

Following a process of evaluation, which includes, among other elements, an external review, a decision will be made regarding which 5-10 projects will receive long-term funding.

“The ideas must come from the researchers themselves, be interdisciplinary in nature and focus on global societal challenges. Our objective is also to help to develop complete academic environments that integrate research, education and collaboration with society,” says Staffan Edén, deputy vice-chancellor with responsibility for issues regarding research at University of Gothenburg.

The university’s board is due to make a decision on the proposal at its meeting on 3 June.

“Important starting points have been to make use of the university’s breadth, to encourage researchers to take the initiative and to safeguard quality by means of an external review. The selected projects must be of a high quality and will be evaluated by international experts,” says Staffan Edén.

According to Staffan Edén, University of Gothenburg has drawn inspiration from other universities, including Stellenbosch in South Africa, which has made similar investments in order to develop new ideas to tackle a common challenge.

“To put it succinctly, the forthcoming activities will make a difference and be of the highest international standard.”

For additional information, please contact:
Staffan Edén, deputy vice-chancellor with responsibility for issues regarding research, University of Gothenburg, phone: +46 (0)708-43 35 32,