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12,2 million grant to CHS project!

One of this year's largest Research Council (VR) framework grants goes to CHS coordinators Anna Bohlin, Staffan Appelgren, Ingrid Martins Holmberg with partners with the project RE:HERITAGE. CIRCULATION AND MARKETIZATION OF THINGS WITH HISTORY.

The aim of this project is to study how heritage is performed in the rapidly expanding second hand, re-use- and vintage market in which small-scale entrepreneurs transform and re-configure objects with a history into marketable goods with heritage value. This we call the re:heritage market. The project explores how the circulation of things on the re:heritage market involves a renegotiation of established heritage understandings, and puts at play conventional dichotomies between public and private, tangible and intangible, memory and history.

The project is interdisciplinary and engages 9 researchers in total, representing the School of Global Studies; the Department of Conservation and the Center for Consumer Science at the University of Gothenburg and the Department of Geography at Durham University.

- With this unique combination of perspectives we hope to contribute to the development of the heritage scholarship within a field that previously has not been researched from this angle, Anna Bohlin says.

Reconceptualization of Heritage

One of the aims of the project is to problematise understandings of what cultural heritage is and can be – defined as it often has been by official institutions, museums and experts.

- One sometimes comes across the assumption that things happening within the commercial field cannot really be about cultural heritage. We want to expand our understanding of the concept and investigate how cultural heritage is practiced in places where the private, the public and the commercial spheres merge, says Staffan Appelgren.

For more information about this project, contact Anna Bohlin

(parts of this text is translated from an inteview by Frida Lundberg, 6/11)