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Close-up of the novel corona virus

The University and COVID-19

The University of Gothenburg is following the Swedish Government's and Public Health Authority's recommendations regarding measures to reduce the spread of infections. For students, this mean that a large part of the studies is conducted digitally. All members of staff, who are able, work from home. As a general rule, international students will be offered a mix of on campus and digital studies.

The University currently has limited opening hours for visitors, but we can help you with almost anything via phone or e-mail.

Sweden and the pandemic

The Swedish Government and Swedish authorities are following the spread of infection very carefully and are working hard to keep Sweden and its residents safe. Examples of measures taken include restriction of large gatherings, travel and recommendations regarding social distance. For current restrictions see for information from Swedish authorities:

The total number of individuals who have tested positive for the Covid-19 virus in Sweden is being tracked at the Public Health Agency of Sweden’s website, which is updated daily. 

On 6 February, a temporary travel ban to Sweden from all countries will be introduced, as well as a requirement for a negative Covid-19 test certificate for foreign citizens. There are exceptions to the rule. 

Autumn semester 2021

The pandemic will still affect society and hence also the University in 2021. During the spring semester 2021, the University will continue to conduct most of its activities digitally and remotely.

How the teaching will be carried out during the autumn semester depends on the spread of infection in society. The University follows developments daily and adapts based on current recommendations. Before the start autumn semester, probably during late spring, you will receive information from the University.

News articles about Covid-19

The University contributes with new knowledge around Covid-19 and how the pandemic affect our society.