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The University and COVID-19

The University of Gothenburg is following the Swedish Government's and Public Health Authority's recommendations regarding measures to reduce the spread of infections. For students, this mean that a large part of the studies is conducted digitally. All members of staff, who are able, work from home. As a general rule, international students will be offered a mix of on campus and digital studies.

The University currently has limited opening hours for visitors, but we can help you with almost anything via phone or e-mail.

News from the University management

Sweden and the pandemic

The Swedish Government and Swedish authorities are following the spread of infection very carefully and are working hard to keep Sweden and its residents safe. Examples of measures taken include restriction of large gatherings, travel and recommendations regarding social distance. For current restrictions see for information from Swedish authorities:

The total number of individuals who have tested positive for the Covid-19 virus in Sweden is being tracked at the Public Health Agency of Sweden’s website, which is updated daily. 

Incoming exchange students spring 2021

The pandemic will still affect society and hence also the university in 2021. This means that the university will have to adapt and conduct most of its activities digitally and remotely also during the spring semester. 

For incoming exchange students, the general rule, is that you will be offered a mix of on campus and digital studies. 

The University of Gothenburg will be accepting incoming exchange students for the spring semester of 2021. It is however important to keep in mind that because of the Covid-19 pandemic it is possible that all exchanges might have to be postponed or cancelled, depending on how the spread of the virus continues to develop. Because of this uncertain situation it is important that you have a back-up plan that is worked out together with your international coordinator or study counselor at your home university, should the exchange not be possible.

Please contact your international coordinator at your home university to learn more of how the nomination- and application process for exchange studies works. Note that you have to be nominated for exchange by your home university in order to apply.

Also note that students who come to the University of Gothenburg for exchange during the spring of 2021 will have to be prepared to conduct part of, or all of, their studies digitally, depending on how the Covid-19 situation develops.

The general rule is that you will be offered a mix of digital and on campus studies. Please contact your international coordinator for information about your course selection. 

Contact information, international coordinators 

It depends. If you are physically in Sweden for your studies, then yes, you will be covered by Kammarkollegiet’s Student IN insurance policy, both for distance and physical classroom studies. If, however, you reside outside Sweden during your studies, you will not be covered by this insurance policy. Note: Even if you are covered by Student-IN, read the terms and conditions carefully. You may want/need to complement it with private insurance. 

About Student IN on Kammarkollegiet's website

Based on the current circumstances, the Swedish Migration Agency will be able to grant a residence permit if most of the studies will be conducted on campus, even if some parts or components are conducted digitally. However, if your department decides that all courses will be conducted completely remotely, the Swedish Migration Agency will not be able to grant you a residence permit.

Contact your international coordinator for more information

Yes, the University will organise a welcome programme, but a slightly different one. We will invite you to an online Welcome day on 19 January. You will get information on how it is to study with us as an international student, as well as introduce some useful services such as the University Library. We will also invite some current international students to talk about their experiences. In addition to the Welcome Day, you faculty/department may organise further welcome activities. 

The Welcome fair is unfortunately cancelled due to the pandemic. The fair will be replaced with an email where we introduce you to the different students organisations, University support functions and other activity groups that you can join while living in Gothenburg. 

Further information about the arrival day and pick-up service, will be published on:

Introduction days

Most of the student associations is currently planning the start of the spring semester and how the combined digital and campus introductions will affect their activities. Check out the student unions websites for more information!

Student unions and associations 

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News articles about Covid-19

The University contributes with new knowledge around Covid-19 and how the pandemic affect our society.