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A hand tweeking a knob on a synthesizer
Photo: Johan Wingborg

The Lindblad Studio

The Lindblad Studio at the Academy of Music and Drama is a department for education, research and production within the fields of sound and media.

In the department there are two, almost similar, larger studios and two smaller practice studios. These studios are named after compositions by Rune Lindblad, the electroacoustic music pioneer who worked as a teacher at the then "SÄMUS" (Music teacher training programme) and the Music School of Gothenburg from 1970 to 1987.

Glacier is designed as a mix production studio and configured for stereo and 5.1 audio, while Optica is focused on electroacoustic music production and offers a flexible multi-channel system.

Two smaller studios, Frage and Tora, are basically equipped with music software, keyboards and stereo listening.

In addition to digital audio tools like Pro Tools and top class listening, the Lindblad Studio offers two "Creme-de-la-Creme" modular synthesizers, namely a Serge from the 80's and a Buchla 200E, as well as a real classic, a VCS3 Synthi, which allegedly belonged to Pink Floyd once upon a time.

Furthermore, the Lindblad department has a mobile 16-channel playback facility, plus top-class mobile recording equipment.

In the building "Artisten" where the Academy of Music and Drama has their premises there are six control rooms for mixing and post production, two of which are adjacent to recording studios.
In these control rooms there is a variety of equipment. Here you will find a selection of what we can offer.

DAW and plugins:
Avid Pro Tools (HD in two studios)
Apple Logic Pro
Ableton Live
Motu Digital Performer
Apple Final Cut Pro
McDSP Emerald Pack

Controllers and MIDI:
Avid D-Command
Alternate Mode malletKAT and drumKAT

Hardware effects/processors:
Eventide H8000FW
TC Electronics M5000
TC Electronics 2290
DBX 160 VU
Lexicon PCM70

Buchla 200e Series
Clavia Nord Modular G1 and G2
Clavia Nord Stage
Native Instruments Komplete

Audio monitoring:
Genelec 1033, 1038, 1031, 8030, 8020
ADAM S4X-H, A7X, Sub8

We use a variety of high quality microphones: Røde, Microtech Gefell, Neumann, Sennheiser, AKG among others.

Video (3:12)
Kyoka: Artist in residency at the Lindblad Studio