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Photo: Natalie Greppi

Admission to PhD programmes

Students can only be accepted to the Academy of Music and Drama's Ph.D. Programmes when a special call for applicants has been issued with the exception of applicants who have guaranteed external financing.

When openings in the PhD Programmes are advertised, doctoral candidate positions for the same duration as the Ph.D. Programme requires (i.e., four years) will also be advertised. This means that Ph.D. students and doctoral candidates will be employed for a fixed four-year term and at a fixed salary. The starting salary (2016) is SEK 24,600 per month. Once a student has completed 50% of the Ph.D. Programme, their monthly salary will be raised to SEK 27,050. Once 75% of the programme has been completed, it will be raised again to SEK 29,300.

Current admissions

The next round of admissions will be announced on the home page of the Academy of Music and Drama.

Instructions and requirements

Detailed instructions and requirements for applicants can be found in the general syllabi for each Ph.D. programme's subject. Links to these syllabi can be found by clicking on the subjects below.