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WCMTM researchers Martin Dalin and Daniel Bojar

Call announcement for funding of Pair-Linked Postdoc Positions

WCMTM is now launching a Pair-Linked Postdoc call, with the aim to further strengthen the connection between experimental and clinical research in Gothenburg.

WCMTM has decided to launch a Pair-Linked Postdoc call. The aim of this call is to strengthen the connection between experimental and clinical research in Gothenburg. In this call, two researchers are invited to jointly apply for funding for employing one pre-clinically oriented postdoc and one clinically oriented postdoc. The project must combine preclinical and clinical research within any of WCMTM’s research areas fields of metabolism, neuroscience, cancer, inflammation, degenerative diseases, genomics, bioinformatics and life science chemistry. Applicants from different faculties/institutes/departments at the University of Gothenburg, Region Västra Götaland, or the industry in the Västra Götaland area are encouraged to apply. The use of SciLifeLab infrastructures is also encouraged. Synergy effects both in science and training should be described.

The funding will cover expenses for employing two postdocs á two years with a possible extension of one year (maximum of three years in total per postdoc). A total of up to four projects will be granted in the call.

Assessment of the applications will primarily be based on scientific quality of the project and will be performed by the WCMTM Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) on behalf of WCMTM Steering Committee and final decision will be made by the WCMTM director.


The application should be sent in a single PDF to:

The deadline for submission is 17.00, February 15, 2023.


Wallenberg Centre of Molecular and Translational Medicine (WCMTM) is a research center at the University of Gothenburg in cooperation with Region Västra Götaland and AstraZeneca. The close interaction between the partners has been of importance to ensure that researchers from basic research disciplines meet with clinically oriented researchers for a truly translational focus.

Who can apply?

  • Two researchers jointly submit one application for a collaborative project from the program 
  • At least one of the responsible researchers must be employed at the University of Gothenburg and both PIs must be active within Västra Götaland.
  • One researcher should be responsible for the clinical part and one for the experimental part of the joint project.
  • The actual departments must certify that the responsible researchers and the postdocs have access to a workplace and equipment as well as funds to cover project costs.
  • The responsible researchers must not be the applicant for more than one application at this call. 
  • The responsible researchers cannot already hold a WCMTM alumni postdoc.
  • No previous connection to WCMTM is required.

What is funded?

The salary (including social fees, LKP) for each postdoc (employment for two years with a possible extension of one year) is funded based on a full-time monthly salary of maximumSEK 36 000. This funding must not be used to cover other expenses. Funding for the departments’ indirect costs and premises costs associated with the salary are included. The postdocs must be employed at the University of Gothenburg during the entire project period.

Top up funding of postdoc salary > SEK 36 000 must be co-financed by the responsible department(s).

Funding for other direct costs up to SEK 500 000 per year are included (including indirect costs).

What should the application contain?

  • A. Completed registration form (see template) including Abstract (max. 2000 characters, including spaces and line breaks)
  • B. Support letter(s) from the involved department(s) certifying that the responsible researchers and the postdocs have access to a workplace and equipment as well as funds to cover project costs (see template)
  • C. Research plan (max. 6 A4 pages including text and figures but excluding references). The research plan should address all aspects within the three assessment criteria, excellence, impact, and implementation (see template)
  • D. CV (max. 4 A4 pages from each responsible researcher, including 10 selected publications as well as research grants with source of funding, main applicant, project title, project year and sum)
  • The application must be written in English in any font, font size 11 or larger. The application must be compiled into a single pdf document following the above order (A-D) with the completed form (A) as the first part. Pages exceeding the maximum limit will be excluded prior to the assessment and will not be available for the evaluators. 

How to submit the application?

The application should be sent in a single PDF to

The deadline for submission is 17.00, February 15, 2023.

Evaluation process

  • All applications are assessed individually by the members of the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) who will deliver their rankings of the applications to the WCMTM core team, followed by a consensus meeting between SAB and WCMTM core team. The final decision regarding the allocation of funds is made by the director of WCMTM. All applicants will be informed about the decision in April 2022. 
  • The application is prioritized according to the three assessment criteria: 1) Excellence (weight 50%), 2) Impact (weight 30%), and 3) Implementation (weight 20%). Each criterion will be scored 0-5 (0=failed, 1=poor, 2=fair, 3=good, 4=very good, and 5=excellent) and the following aspects will be taken into account for each criterion:

1. Excellence

  • Quality of the overall design of the project, its hypothesis and objectives, and the extent to which they are ambitious and go beyond the state of the art
  • Quality and appropriateness of the proposed methodology
  • Quality and appropriateness of the responsible researchers’ experience, competences and skills
  • Quality of the offered research environment in terms of access to infrastructure (including SciLifeLab), national and international networks, seminar activities and academic culture
  • Quality and pertinence of the two-way transfer of knowledge between clinical and pre-clinical activities
  • Quality of data management and open science practices
  • Quality and appropriateness of gender aspects and ethical considerations of the proposed project

2. Impact

  • The importance of the project’s contribution to scientific advances within WCMTM’s research areas fields (metabolism, neuroscience, cancer, inflammation, degenerative diseases, genomics, bioinformatics and life science chemistry)
  • The importance and magnitude of the project’s contribution to strengthening the connection between experimental and clinical research in Gothenburg and the synergy effects in both science and training

3. Implementation 

  • Quality and effectiveness of the work plan
  • Quality of assessment of risks 

When funding is granted

The postdoc positions must be appointed within six months after the decision of the awarded funding. The positions must be appointed through external recruitment and follow the agreement on fixed-term postdoc employment. A broad dissemination of the advertisement is recommended to ensure a good basis for recruitment. The postdocs must be employed at the University of Gothenburg during the entire project period. The employment may be extended due to parental leave, illness, trade union duties, military service, or other similar circumstances, as well as clinical service or service/assignments relevant to the subject area.

The responsible researchers as well as recruited postdocs are expected to actively participate in WCMTM's activities and network during the project period.

Reimbursement is given for actual costs in the project. The responsible researchers must submit financial reports every sixth month. The responsible researchers and recruited postdocs must submit written evaluations when the respective postdoc position is terminated. Follow-up evaluations and reports are delivered to WCMTM,

For questions regarding the call, please contact WCMTM,