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University of Gothenburg

Doctoral Students

The Department for Marine Sciences has doctoral students in the natural sciences with marine specialisation. The doctoral students are located at either Botan House in Gothenburg, Kristineberg Marine Research Station, or Tjärnö Marie Laboratory.

Marine Biology

Björn Olov Rickard Anderssson

In my Ph.D. research, I study evolution of heavy metal tolerance in Baltic sea diatoms.

Martin Eriksson

Ellika Faust

Using genetic methods, I try to understand and describe ecological and evolutionary processors in the ocean.

Samuel Perini

Evolutionary ecology with main focus on the influence of ecological barriers on reproductive isolation between both geographic and ecotype populations.

James Reeves

Chloe Robert

Marine Sciences

Alex Cabral Dos Santos

Subtropical oceanographic events.

Matthew Hargrave

Astrid Hylén

I am looking at the cycling of biogenic elements in the seafloor of brackish and marine settings.

Alexandra Kinnby

Seaweeds – growth and biochemical composition.

Adele Maciute

Matthew Pinder

Kristoffer Stedt

In my PhD-thesis I am interested in optimizing land-based seaweed cultivations to produce seaweeds with high protein content and high biomass growth.

Rickard Stenow

Nimal Sudhan Saravana Prahabar

Victor Lobanov

Natural Sciences

James Hagan

Kristie Rigby

My main research interest is to explore the chemical signalling between zooplankton and phytoplankton. PhD Student in the Signals in the Sea group.


Romain Canelli

Vilhelm Fagerström

Birte Gülk

Martin Mohmann

Preservation of Marine Cultural Heritage

Johanna Elam