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University of Gothenburg

Language and Transmission

This research area deals with transmission aspects of languages from three different angles, which are discussed within the framework of three thematic seminar series.

Philology and Reception

The seminar series titled Philology and Reception comprises a forum for scholarly exchange in the area of philology and reception. There is a focus on the study of texts written in ancient languages and their transmission and re-use in different periods and historical contexts to date. Both the physical transmission of the texts as well as their interpretation and application in for example linguistic, literary, intellectual, cultural and historical respects are explored. The scholarly endeavour of making old texts available in the form of editions, commentaries etc. also belongs in this domain, as do the development of theoretical approaches and methods of relevance in the field.

Seminar coordinator, Philology and Reception: Erik Bohlin (


The focus of the seminar series titled Translation is on various aspects of the field of translation studies. The Department is primarily engaged in research on literary translation. One aim is to expand the knowledge about our Swedish translation history; that is, what has been translated, when, how, why and by whom? Merely looking at the texts that have been selected for publication gives a good indication of how we have looked at other cultures, and these indications are often reinforced when the translations are studied in detail. The utilisation of translated texts in the study of linguistic phenomena is another important branch of the Department’s translation research. Comparing originals and translations in so-called parallel corpora helps identify the equivalents of linguistic structures in different languages.