University of Gothenburg

Workshop and vehicles

There is a workshop and two vehicles available at Kristineberg.


The workshop is equipped for work with engines, wood, metal and plastics. Our skilled personell do manufacture, repair and service. We do small jobs for researchers at no extra charge and as time permits. If there is need for larger jobs; ask for offer. Only workshop technicians may work in the workshop. A research workshop, with a basic set of tools is available to employees and researchers.

Vehicles at Kristineberg

There is a battery-powered flatbed moped that can be borrowed for smaller, shorter transports.

There is also a trailer you can borrow (maximum weight 750 kg).


Electric car charger

Use the following routine when using the electric car charger:

  • Parking/charging is allowed for a maximum of two hours.
  • Access is granted through an RFID-card found in the reception. Hold the card to the charging station to unlock and start the charging.
  • Write your name, telephone number and what time you are done charging, into the folder.
  • Make sure to move your car and return the card in time for the next user.
  • For the time being there will be no charge of costs associated with this service.

Book a vehicle

Contact the reception.
+46 31-786 95 00


At Kristineberg there are ten bicycles, and one bike trailer, that are free for all guests and students to use at any time. The bikes are funded from University of Gothenburg’s internal Climate Fund.

Important when using the bikes:

  • Only borrow the bikes that have an orange spray-paint-label that says “Kristinebergs cykelpool”. Other bikes are private.
  • Make sure that the bike seems safe to ride. Test the brakes and make sure that the steering works and that handle bar, seat and wheels are fastened. You are responsible for your own safety.
  • Check the tire pressure! If the tires need filling there is an air nozzle by the coat hangers in the lobby which connects to an outlet in the wall by the bicycle stand in front of the building (see picture below).
  • Bike no. 10 is equipped with a connector for the bike trailer.
  • Use a helmet! Bicycle helmets are found on top of the coat hangers in the lobby.
  • Lights and reflectors are required by law when riding after sundown. Make sure that the lights work and the reflectors are in place if you are cycling after dark.
  • If anything brakes or if you need any advice regarding the bikes, please contact the reception.
The air pump outside the reception.
The air pump is found by the coat hangers, you connect it at the bike stand on the outside

Questions about the bikes?

Contact the reception.
+46 31-786 95 00