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A laptop in a lab
Photo: Anna-Lena Lundqvist


At Kristineberg Center there are wireless networks, printers as well as video conference equipment and other systems for virtual meetings.

Regulations and support

IT facilities at the University of Gothenburg are owned by the university. They are intended to be used in and for university activities: research, teaching and collaboration. Resources may not be utilized for purposes through which the university's name, image and reputation could be damaged.

IT facilities are computers, mobile phones, tablets, software, software licenses, communications networks and any other peripherals used in connection with the communication and management of information in digital form.

Regulations for the use of the University of Gothenburg’s IT facilities (pdf)

Support, IT

Wireless Internet

The University of Gothenburg uses the encrypted network eduroam (EDUcation ROAMing), a global collaboration where universities give each other access to their wireless networks. In order to connect to eduroam you need a user account (from a membership organization, e.g. university). The computer must also be configured with a client and the correct settings. The details of configuration will vary depending on the equipment used by the user's "home university". Please consult your university's local IT support for questions and help with setup.

Guests who need temporary access to the wireless network can get a guest account.  Please contact the reception for more information.

The unencrypted network Göteborgs universitet is only to be used in those cases where it is not possible to use eduroam.


For students, scientists and other employees at the University of Gothenburg
The print and copy service GUprint – coupled to the GU card – is used by students and by scientists and other employees.

For guests not from the University of Gothenburg
You can get a guest login in the Reception, to print from the desktop computer in the computer room.

Information on how to print and a guest login can be collected in the Reception.

Printing host: Petra Papinoja

Virtual meetings

Video conference equipment, by the library on the second floor of the Stone Building, can be booked in the Reception.

More information on video conference systems for virtual meetings at the University of Gothenburg (in Swedish)