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University of Gothenburg
Kirurg som tvättar händerna inför operation
Photo: Guillaume Piron

Safe Hands at the Sharp End

In the area of patient safety, the Safe Hands project focuses on infections: signs, symptoms and evaluation of preventive measures to reduce the risk. We are interested in experiences, knowledge and perspectives on infections and prevention of patients as well as healthcare professionals.

We also evaluate different knowledge transfer strategies at micro and macro levels in order to contribute to new knowledge in the field of implementation science. The evaluations include efficiency, cost efficiency and process evaluations and include both qualitative and quantitative analyzes.

Our research is based on Edgar Scheen's work with organizational culture, learning and change. In partnership and dialogue with clinical participants and patients, we strive together to create new and innovative ways to prevent infections and improve patient safety. Much of our research is focused on improving the safety and health of elderly patients undergoing hip fracture surgery. The figure below gives a brief overview of our current research areas.