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Migration-and-Integration Publications at GU

One of our goals is to disseminate research results on the theme of migration and integration. You can find some of the latest publication from researchers from different departments and faculties at the University of Gothenburg below. The list is by no means complete, but gives some examples of current research at the university.

Centre on Global Migration publications

GU Migration Publications 2021

Jocular Ethnography: The Productive Work of Humour in Fieldwork on Migration

Authors: Anja K. Franck

Kritisk Etnografi - Swedish Journal Of Anthropology (2021)

Media and Public Attitudes Toward Migration in Europe. A Comparative Approach

Authors: Jesper Strömbäck, Christine E. Meltzer; Jakob-Moritz Eberl, Christian Schemer, Hajo G. Boomgaarden


Hacking migration control: Repurposing and reprogramming deportability

Authors: Anja Franck, Darshan Vigneswaran

Security Dialogue (2021)

Organising labour market integration support for refugees in Austria and Sweden during the Covid-19 pandemic

Authors: Almina Bešić, Andreas Diedrich, Petra Aigner 

Comparative Migration Studies (2021)          Link to the article

Viciously Circular: Will Ageing Lock the EU into Immigrant Exclusion?

Author: Gregor Noll

Migrants' Rights, Populism and Legal Resilience in Europe - 2021

GU Migration Publications 2020

Migration across developed countries: German immigrants in Sweden and the US

Writers: Y. Haberfeld, D. P. Birgier, Christer Lundh, Erik Elldér

International Migration, Journal article 2020    Read the full text on a web page

The International Court of Justice and Migration
Writer:  Gregor Noll

Achilles Skordas, Research Handbook of the International Court of Justice, 2020  Link to the book chapter

Understanding the Crisis of Refugee Law: Legal Scholarship and the EU Asylum System
Writers: Rosemary Byrne, Gregor Noll, Jens Vedsted-Hansen

Leiden Journal of International Law, 2020

Migrant Employment Integration and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Writers: Nataliya Berbyuk Lindström, Dina Koutsikouri, Jonas Stier, Matilda Arvidsson

Proceedings of the 32nd annual workshop of the Swedish Artificial Intelligence Society (SAIS) online conference, June 16 – 17, 2020.    Link to the full text (pdf)

The Role of Trust and Reciprocity in Transnational Care Towards Children
Writers: Charlotte Melander, Oksana Shmulyar Gréen, Ingrid Höjer

Family Life in Transition Borders, Transnational Mobility, and Welfare Society in Nordic Countries, 2020          Link to the book chapter

Migration: Editorial Introduction
Writers: Erling Björgvinsson, Nicholas De Genova, Mahmoud Keshavarz, Tintin Wulia

PARSE Journal, 2020       Read here!

Art & Migration
Writers: Erling Björgvinsson, Nicholas De Genova, Mahmoud Keshavarz, Tintin Wulia

Journal issue, PARSE Journal, 2020      Link to the journal

GU migration-publications 2019

Mapping human mobility during the third and second millennia BC in present-day Denmark

Writers: Sophie Bergerbrant Frei, K M; Bergerbrant, S; Sjögren, K-G; Jörkov, M L; Lynnerup, N; Harvig, L; Allentoft, M; Sikora, M; Price, T D ; Frei, R; Kristiansen, K

PLoS ONE, 14 (8), 0219850     Link to the article

Integrationsfrämjande genom dialog. Praktiker och förändringsteorier i sex verksamheter

Writer: Thomas Jordan

Institutionen för sociologi och arbetsvetenskap, Göteborgs universitet, Rapport 2019      Read the full text PDF

Institutions and Organizations of Refugee Integration: Bosnian-Herzegovinian and Syrian Refugees in Sweden.

Writers: Bucken-Knapp, Gregg; Omanović, Vedran; and Spehar, Andrea (2019)

Palgrave Pivot    Link to the book

Talking about Integration: The Voices of Syrian Refugees Taking Part in Introduction Programs for Integration into Swedish Society.

Writers: Bucken-Knapp, G., Spehar, A., and Fakih, Z. (2019)

International Migration. 57(2)       Link to the article

What is a legitimate mobility manager? Juxtaposing migration brokers with the EU
Writers: Lisa Åkesson, J. Alpes

Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 2019              Read the article here

"Different children or a case of any other child?" Constructions of unaccompanied children in welfare service provision
Writer: Live Stretmo

Published in Trygged, S and Righard, E (2019) Inequalities and Migration – Challenges for the Swedish welfare state, 2019

Non-formal spaces of socio-cultural accompaniment: Responding to young unaccompanied refugees – reflections from the Partispace project
Writers: Janet Batsleer, Björn Andersson, Susanne Liljeholm Hansson, Jessica Lütgens, Yagmur Mengilli, Alexandre Pais, Therese Wissö
European Educational Research Journal, 2018           Link to the article

Equity and choice for newly arrived migrants
Writers: Dennis Beach, Marianne Dovemark

Neoliberalism and Market Forces in Education. Lessons from Sweden. 2019      To the book chapter

From breaking-ice to breaking-out: integration as an opportunity creation process
Writers: Quang Evansluong, Marcela Ramirez Pasillas, Huong Nguyen Bergström

International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour & Research. 2019      Link to the article

Narratives of integration: Liminality in migrant acculturation through social  media
Writers: Amit Mitra, Quang Evansluong

Technological forecasting & social change, 2019    Link to the article

The role of family social capital in immigrants’ entrepreneurial opportunity creation processes
Writers: Quang Evansluong, Marcela Ramirez Pasillas

International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business, 2019      Link to the article

Migrant Entrepreneurship Beyond Place and Space: A Call to Explore the Roles of Family Across Borders and Contexts
Writers: Quang Evansluong, Marcela Ramirez Pasillas, Allan Discua Cruz, Maria Elo, Natalia Vershinina

Journal of Enterprising Communities: People and Places in the Global Economy, 2019      Link to the article

GU migration-publications 2018

Postcolonial Portuguese Migration to Angola: Migrants or Masters?

Writer: Lisa Åkesson

Springer International Publishing, Palgrave Macmillan: London     Link to the book

Family obligations across the European borders: Negotiating migration decisions within the families of post-accession migrants in Sweden.

Writers: Charlotte Melander , Oksana Shmulyar Gréen

Palgrave Communications     Link to the article

Trajectories of situated transnational parenting: care-giving arrangements of the east European migrants in Sweden

Writers: Charlotte Melander , Oksana Shmulyar Gréen

In Childhood and Parenting in Transnational settings  pp 137-154       Link to the book chapter

Frames of Nostalgia and Belonging: The Resurgence of Reactionary Ethno-Nationalism in Sweden

Writers: Gabriella Elgenius and Jens Rydgren

Special Issue on Far Right Movements, European Societies, DOI.    Link to the article

Another Kind of Swede: Swedish Youth’s Ethnic Identity Narratives

Writers: Fanny Gryber, Ann Frisén, Moin Syed, Maria Wängqvist, Ylva Svensson

Emerging Adulthood, vol. 6 no. 1, pp. 17-31   Link to the article

Från invandrarkunskap till hemkultur. Interkulturell pedagogik i svensk utbildning

Writers: Johannes Lunneblad och Nils Hammarén

Barn- och ungdomsvetenskap. Grundläggande perspektiv., Stockholm, Liber, Kapitel i bok 2018
Link to the book presentation

The Multi-Level Governance of Intra EU Movement
Writers: Andrea Spehar, Jonas Hinnfors, Gregg Bucken-Knapp, Karin Zelano

Between Mobility and Migration. The Multi-Level Governance of Intra-European Movement - 2018    To the book chapter

Nordic discourses on marginalisation through education
Writers: Joron Pihl, Gunilla Holm, Anna-Leena Riitaoja, Jón Ingvar Kjaran, Marie Carlson

Education Inquiry, 2018        To the article

Mobilising diasporas for justice. Opportunity structures and the presencing of a violent past
Writer: Camilla Orjuela

Journal of ethnic and migration studies, 2018                Read the full text here

Security in a Liberal Union: EU Asylum and Migration Control Policies
Writer: Gregor Noll

In Bakardjieva Engelbrekt, A., Michalski, A., Nilsson, N. & Oxelheim, L. (2018). The European Union: Facing the Challenge of Multiple Security Threats, 2018   Link to the book chapter

Linguistic citizenship in Sweden: (De)constructing languages in a context of linguistic human rights
Writers: Tommaso M. Milani, Rickard Jonsson

The multilingual citizen: towards a politics of language for agency and change / edited by Lisa Lim, Christopher Stroud and Lionel Wee, 2018    Link to the book chapter

The European Media Discourse on Immigration and Its Effects: A Literature Review
Writers: Jakob-Moritz Eberl, Christine E. Meltzer, Tobias Heidenreich, Beatrice Herrero, Nora Theorin, Fabienne Lind, Rosa Berganza, Hajo G. Boomgaarden, Christian Schemer, Jesper Strömbäck

Annals of the International Communication Association, 2018      Link to the article

IMMIGRATION CONTROL IN DISGUISE? Civic Integration Policies and Immigrant Admission
Writer: A. Ahlen, Frida Boräng

Nordic Journal of Migration Research, 2018            Link to the arrticle

Economic Decline and Extreme-Right Electoral Threat: How District-Level Factors Shape the Legislative Debate on Immigration
Writer: Petrus Sundin Olander

Legislative Studies Quarterly, 43 (4), 649-679  (2018)        Link to the article


GU migration-publications 2017

Socio-Political Integration Through Diaspora Organisations and Civil Society Initiatives

Writer: Gabriella Elgenius

I Anthony Heath (ed.), Social Integration: London: The British Academy for the Humanities and Social Sciences, pp. 66-75.  Read the full text PDF

Frames of Nostalgia and Belonging: The Resurgence of Reactionary Ethno-Nationalism in Sweden

Writer: Gabriella Elgenius

Special Issue on Far Right Movements, European Societies, DOI.    Link to the article

The Sweden Democrats and the ethno-nationalist rhetoric of decay and betrayal

Writers: Gabriella Elgenius och Jens Rydgren

Sociologisk Forskning, vol. 54 no. 4, pp. 353–358.   Link to the article

Passing the Buck: The case of failing multilevel governance and vulnerable EU migrants in Sweden

Writers: Spehar, A., J. Hinnfors, & G. Bucken‐Knapp (2017).

The Journal of Nordic Migration Research, vol. 7 no. 2.      Link to the article

Integration of refugee children and their families in the Swedish preschool: strategies, objectives and standards.

Writer: Lunneblad, J. (2017)

European Early Childhood Education Research, vol. 25 no. 3, pp. 359–369.    Link to the article

From "Open Your Hearts" To Closed Borders. Sweden, The Refugee Crisis and the Role of Discourse

Writer: Gregg Bucken-Knapp
M. Barlai, B. Fähnrich, C. Griessler and M. Rhomberg (eds.) The Migrant Crisis: European Perspectives and National Discourses, 2017       To the book chapter

Facilitators of Physical Activity: Voices of Adolescents in a Disadvantaged Community
Writers: Linus Jonsson, Christina Berg, Christel Larsson, Peter Korp, Eva-Carin M Lindgren

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2017   Länk till artikeln

Queering multilingualism and politics: Regimes of mobility, citizenship and (in)visibility
Writers: Tommaso M. Milani, Erez Levon
The Routledge Handbook of Language and Politics / edited by Ruth Wodak, Bernhard Forchtner, 2017     Link to the book chapter

Working with refugees in Gothenburg, Sweden
Writer: Therese Wissö

Families Relationships and Societies, 2017      Link to the article

Ethnic Bonding and Homing Desires: The Polish Diaspora and Civil Society Making
Writer: Gabriella Elgenius

Publicerad i Jacobsson, K. & E. Korolczuk (eds.), Civil Society Revisited: Lessons from Poland, 314.  2017     Link to the book chapter

Im/Mobility and Deportability in Transit: Lesvos Island, Greece, June 2015
Writer: Anja K. Franck

Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie, 2017       Link to the article

Media Effects on Attitudes toward Migration and Mobility in the EU
Writers: Christine E. Meltzer, Christian Schemer, Hajo G. Boomgaarden, Jesper Strömbäck, Jakob-Moritz Eberl, Nora Theorin, Tobias Heidenreich

Read the report here!    (2017)

Urban education and segregation: The responses from young people
Writer: Elisabet Öhrn

I S Ball (Red), Sociology of Education II, volym 3, 2017

Adapting to party lines: the effect of party affiliation on attitudes to immigration
Writers: E. Harteveld, Andrej Kokkonen, Stefan Dahlberg

West European Politics, 40 (6), 1177-1197 (2017)         Link to the article