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Agenda – CRANET International Conference – June 21st 2021

Agenda – CRANET International Conference – Monday June 21st 2021


Section I


Presentations by the University of Gothenburg and the Centre for Global HRM

3:30 – 3:35pm

Opening and a virtual welcoming to Gothenburg
Directors of the Centre for Global HRM,
Monica Andersson Bäck and Freddy Hällstén

3:35 – 3:40pm


Introduction to the University of Gothenburg
the Dean for the School of Business, Economics and Law, Per Cramér

3:40 – 3:50pm

Introduction to the Centre for Global HRM
the head of the Department of Sociology and Work Science and the Chair of CGHRM steering committee, Anna Peixoto as well as the directors of the Centre for Global HRM,
Monica Andersson Bäck and Freddy Hällstén

3:50 – 3:55pm

Why we started the Centre for Global HRM
Honorary Doctor, initiator to CGHRM and former Senior Vice President at AB Volvo,
Kjell Svensson

3:55 – 4:00pm

A partner perspective on the Centre for Global HRM
Insights from the Chief Human Resources Officer at the Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE), Johanna Flanke


4:00 – 4:10pm

An introduction to HRM research at the Centre for Global HRM
Professor in HRM and member of the CGHRM Scientific Board,
Stefan Tengblad

4:10 - 4:15pm

Nordic Collaboration within CRANET
Professor in HRM and member of the CGHRM Scientific Board,
Stefan Tengblad

4:15 – 4:20pm

Short break before Section II

Section II

Cranet meeting

4:20 - 5:05pm


Welcoming of new members
Miguel Olivas-Lujan & Sergio Madero from Mexico
Branka Zolak Poljašević from Bosnia & Herzegovina
Olesya Smagina and Sitora Inoyatova from Uzbekistan


  • AG membership guidelines finalized: Open invitation to volunteers for future membership
  • CRANET membership guidelines amended: Special case process agreed

CRANET ADMINISTRATION (Elaine Farndale and Emma Parry)

  • Update on the transfer of administrative hub from Cranfield to Penn State: final version of data sharing agreement – next steps


  • Update on progress with back translations and data collection

5:05 – 5:15pm


5:15 - 6:15pm


Breakout room discussions of how we will work on designing the future questionnaire
Feedback to whole group

6:15 – 6:30pm


  • November 2021 – Slovakia (Jana Blštáková, University of Economics in Bratislava)
  • June 2022 – Cyprus
  • November 2022 - ?



Welcome to the City of Gothenburg!

The Centre for Global HRM are very excited to be hosting the Cranet International Conference on 21st of June 2021. 

We had hoped to be able to meet you all in person and show you our beautiful city located on the west coast of Sweden. Since that is not yet possible we will make due with a virtual tour and hope that you can get a sense of what the City of Gothenburg has to offer!

We have gathered some useful links to prepare you for any future visits as well as more information about the University of Gothenburg and ongoing research.

Also make sure to check out "smultronställen" below (local recommendations) from the team at CGHRM!  


Video (0:49)
Welcome to Gothenburg, Sweden


A "smultronställe" is a noun meaning a special place that should be discovered. It roughly translates as "a place where you can find wild strawberries". Find out what local spots & hidden gems that the teams at CGHRM recommends below!

CGHRM Coordinator Stina Nyström recommends a hike at Ramsvikslandet 

Ramsvikslandet is a nature reserve, famously known as the Kingdom of Rocks, consisting of vast stretches of wave worn rocks, interspersed with heaths, meadows and smaller wetland areas. On your visit you can enjoy traces of the Ice Age, in the form of giant’s cauldrons, sheepback rocks and glacial striation. The hike is 14.5 km long and part of an extensive network of trails that runs all over Sweden.

"I love this hike, open water as far as the eye can see! And there are plenty of places to go for a swim, even in the wintertime" Stina says. As an avid swimmer the cold water would never stop her from going for a dip.

Professor in HRM Stefan Tengblad recommends a visit at the Garden Society of Gothenburg

The Garden Society of Gothenburg, "Trädgårdsföreningen", was founded in 1842. Today the garden is open to the public, providing recreation and togetherness for everyone living or visiting Gothenburg. It is described as a "A sea of green at the heart of the city", which is very true being located right next to downtown. 

When you visit you can enjoy a coffee ("fika") at the Rose Café, which is located by one of the largest rose gardens in Northern Europe. Other famous garden designs can be found, such as a Woodland area created by Piet Oudolf as well as a shop where you can buy seeds for planting at home.

Other "smultronställen" that Stefan recommends are: 

A boat trip out to "Nya Elfsborgs fästning"
Taking a look at the historical ship "Ostindiefararen"
Or go for a stroll in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Gothenburg, Haga

Director Monica Andersson Bäck's smultronställen can be found in the neighbouring region of Halland

To follow in my footstep, you should take the local train from Gothenburg Central Station and follow the coastline of Halland, which is Gothenburg’s neighbouring region. On your journey you will pass stretches of forests and beautiful pastoral environment with meadows and fields that continue far into the distance. A trip with the Swedish railroads is truly an experience of its own. Make sure not to miss a trip to Åkulla bokskogar, to breathe the fresh air of the very unique beech forests located there.

The wildlife that you may see on your trip to the west coast actually inspired a popular Swedish singer to write the often-cited song “öppna landskap” (open landscapes); a song dedicated to his love for life and nature. I like to sing along with the song while heading towards my favourite beach nearby Morups Tånga, a local lighthouse, which is another place worth a visit.

I hope you enjoy this trip which will take you down south along the very serene and beautiful west coast!

Director Freddy Hällstén's smultronställen is located on the island of Hisingen

As living on the island of Hisingen, on the north side of the Göta Älv (the longest river in Sweden), I want to give you some “smultronställen” nearby.

In the city of Gothenburg, you can walk to the harbor at Lilla Bommen and take the ferry called Älvsnabben – a public transport. On that ferry you can cruise on the Göta Älv for a normal bus fare, and enjoy Gothenburg from the seaside. You can jump off at five different stops to find interesting places to explore. At Hisingen I recommend the old houses around Slottsberget at Lindholmen, and a stroll along the quays where you find a lot of nice cafés and restaurants. At Eriksberg you can find the ship Ostindiefararen, as Stefan has mentioned above.

As you probably know we have the two big Volvo companies located in Gothenburg. Of course, you can find them at Hisingen. You can visit the Volvo Cars Visitor Centre at Volvo Cars. Another very interesting place to visit is the Volvo Museum in Arendal. There you can find all car models that have been produced by the Volvo company in nearly 100 years. There you can also find Volvo trucks and other vehicles that nowadays are produced by the Volvo Group!

Photo: Peter Kvarnström/Göteborg & Co
Photo: Freddy Hällstén