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University of Gothenburg


Every other year Centre for Global HRM organizes an international conference on human resource management.

Researchers from all over the world participated in the International Interdisciplinary Conference on HRM

3-5 April 2019, the Centre for Global HRM (CGHRM) at the University of Gothenburg hosted its second biannual International Interdisciplinary Conference on HRM. During the three-day conference, almost 100 researchers from 21 countries participated.

At the conference, the delegates presented 69 papers within 11 different thematic areas. Among these themes were for example Digitalization, Change and Industrial Relations; Employee Engagement; Organizational Culture & Work Relations; and Recruitment & Retainment. The different themes were organized into parallel session where the delegates presented their work and took part in fruitful peer-to-peer discussions.

In addition to the paper presentations and peer-to-peer dialogues, the conference introduced a new element in form of a research sandpit-inspired workshop. The workshop was based on the concept of research sandpits, and facilitated the meeting between policy and practice. In the workshop, researchers met with HR-professionals from a number of Swedish private and public organizations. The goal of the workshop was to enable creative meetings where researchers and professionals share experiences and generate new research ideas.

Summing up the workshop session, participants said it was an eye-opener; inspiring, refreshing and challenging, and provided new perspectives and connections. Around 60 researchers and 20 professionals participated in the workshop.


Professor Julia Brandl, University of Innsbruck, was the first key note speaker of the conference, on the theme Managing HRM implementation – using the paradox lens.



Key note speaker Professor Phillip Brown, Cardiff University, presented on the title Digital Disruption and the Future of Talent Management.



Professor Åsa Wettergren, University of Gothenburg, gave a key note speech on Organizing and silencing emotions of work.


Conversations and new connections during the coffee breaks where the intense discussions continued after the parallel sessions.



Professor Uta Wilkens, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, is part in CGHRM:s Scientific Board.


Johanna Flanke, HR Director at Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE), and chair of CGHRM:s Advisory Board, introduced the final day of the conference by talking about the important cooperation between academics and professionals in HRM. After Johanna’s speech, researchers and professionals met in a workshop aiming towards creative thinking and generating ideas.



A group of scholars and practitioners are introduced for the workshop.


New ways of creating connections and sharing experiences and ideas.


Research topics and ideas are generated and collected.


Next conference takes place in 2021

Next edition of the International Interdisciplinary Conference on HRM will take place in 2021.